We're currently open to submissions! We'll note too that we're working remotely and a bit more slowly than usual (and we know: the things people praise us for do not include speedy responses, even in the best of times!). We're working to get decisions back to those with outstanding submissions in for our consideration and appreciate your patience. 

Prairie Schooner’s  intention is to publish the best writing available, both from beginning  and established writers. We publish short stories, poems, interviews, imaginative essays of  general interest, and reviews of current books of poetry and fiction.  Scholarly articles requiring footnote references should be submitted to  journals of literary scholarship.

We do not read simultaneous submissions, except in the case of contest submissions, and submissions must be received  between September 1 and May 1. We do not consider  work that has been previously published anywhere, including online  publications. We read as quickly as we can, but please allow 3-4 months for a reply. (We know, we're a little behind, and we're grateful for your patience!)

In principle, Prairie Schooner has no objections to the use of pseudonyms, but we require disclosure of their use to the editor before publication.

We encourage you to read Prairie Schooner before you submit. Sample copies are available below for just $6.00. There's never a fee to submit to our general reading period, and we're grateful for the support we receive through donations and orders.

Looking for the Prairie Schooner Book Prize Contest? For the sake of confidentiality, it's totally separate from normal submissions. Open annually from January 15 to March 15, for collections of short fiction and poetry, the fee to submit is $25, and the prize is $3k and publication through the University of Nebraska Press. Read more: https://prairieschoonerbookprizeseries.submittable.com/submit

Looking for the African Poetry Book Fund's Sillerman First Book Prize? It's also entirely separate, and it opens September 15 to submissions of book-length manuscripts by African poets who have not yet published a full-length collection. Read more: https://africanpoetrybookfund.submittable.com/submit

$28.00 - 80.00
$28.00 - 80.00

Now in our 94th year of continuous publication, Prairie Schooner seeks to publish the best in contemporary poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and reviews. 

A one-year subscription includes 4 issues of the journal and will begin with the next issue. Select a two- or three-year subscription for an even better rate!

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We're interested in reading imaginative essays of general interest. Scholarly articles requiring footnote references should be submitted to journals of literary scholarship.

Send one essay at a time. Essays should be double-spaced and formatted using a standard font.

Please note: we do not consider submissions simultaneously under consideration elsewhere.

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Send one story at a time. Stories should be double-spaced and formatted using a standard font. 

Please note: we do not consider submissions simultaneously under consideration elsewhere.

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Send a single document containing a selection of 5-7 poems. Poems may be single-spaced but should use a standard font. 

Please note: we do not consider submissions simultaneously under consideration elsewhere. If you need to withdraw a single poem from your submission, please withdraw the entire submission and resubmit with work that is available and not currently out elsewhere. 

We seek engaging reviews that articulate in a clear voice ideas of craft but also of literary context and/or place the work in our socio-political present. We appreciate reviews that begin by establishing a context the work can be understood within, and we appreciate when the reviewer can step out of the way so that the review is dominated by a discussion of the book, and not a discussion of opinions and impressions--though we do, ultimately, want to see some kind of judgement.

We are particularly interested in reviews of books that can fairly be called diverse--we aim to publish a range of reviewers on a range of authors in each issue--and in reviews of authors' first books or recent translations. Books should be no more than eighteen months old by the time of publication (note that with our publication cycle, we are often reading to fill issues for two-three seasons from the time of submission). Reviews may consider a single book or take up two or three books together.

No previously published work, please. 

If you'd like to pitch us before writing the review, you're welcome to do so through this form, but please note that even if the pitch interests us, we can't offer publication until we've seen the full review.


Reviews should be no longer than 1,000 words, double-spaced, and formatted using a standard font.

Please include the following information at the top of the review:

[Writer's Name]. [Title of book being reviewed]. [Press Name].
Reviewed by [Reviewer's Name]

Ready or not, fall is on its way... but the good news is, so is our Fall Issue, bringing you plenty to curl up with as the nights get longer.

Fall 2020, Volume 94, Issue 3, features stunning cover art by Kat Weise and the Nine Nebraska Artists collective project. Inside, find new poems from longtime favorites Marilyn Hacker, Colin Channer, Dorianne Laux, and Karen An-Hwei Lee alongside poems by new-to-us contributors Thoedora Ziolkowski, Kareem Tayaar, Jesse Holth, and more. We're excited to share essays by Catina Bacote, Molly Guadry, Christina Cooke, and others, and stories from Janika Oza, Stephanie C. Trott, Chika Onyenezi, Blair Hurley, and more, and, last but not least, three great new book reviews.

Full contributor list:

Dorianne Laux, poems / John Kinsella, poem / Anna Journey, poems / Colin Channer, poem / José Angel Araguz, poem / Martha Rhodes, poem / Marilyn Hacker, poems / Catina Bacote, essay / Daneen Wardrop, poems / Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, poem / Theodora Ziolkowski, poem / John Sibley Williams, poem / Kareem Tayyar, poem / Molly Gaudry, essay / Kim Coleman Foote,  story / Joannie Stangeland, poems / Jesse Holth, poems / R. Tiara Malone, essay / Christina Cooke, essay / Marija Stajic, story / Tracy Ryan, poems / A. Molotkov, poems / Janika Oza, story / Stephanie C. Trott, story / Joshua Ackerman, poem / Karen An-Hwei Lee, poems / Sarah Crossland, poem / Jasmine V. Bailey, essay / Chika Onyenezi, story / Athena Kildegaard, poems / Blair Hurley, story / Hannah Cobb, review / Shannon Wolf, review / John Yohe, review

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Now in our 90th year of continuous publication, Prairie Schooner seeks to publish the best in contemporary poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and reviews. 

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