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We can't wait to share our new issue, 93.2, Summer 2019, with you. Order here to be among the first to receive some of the best new poetry, short fiction, essays, and reviews we've read!  

The new issue features essays, poetry, and prose by John Kinsella, James Tate Hill, and Carol V. Davis, among others.

We’re excited to feature artist Wen-Han Chang's abstract photography on the cover. An MFA student of photography, video, and related media at School of Visual Arts, NY, Wen-Han Chang, formerly a medical photographer, is interested in time and space and attempts to interweave physics, philosophy, and photography. His website is wenhanphoto.com.

Nonfiction in the issue includes work by Anita Gill alongside last summer's nonfiction contest finalists E.J. Koh and Cam Rentsch. E.J. Koh’s essay opens strikingly: “The present is the revenge of the past.” In Anita Gill’s “A Celibate Marriage,” the lovemaking of a couple upstairs has reverberations within the author's one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. 

Featured poetry includes poems by ­­­­Benjamin Keoseyan, invoking place, memory, and history. In “In Those Days,” Keoseyan writes, “If autumn is the season of recollection, and yet so short / for those men who passed their days working new land, / that it passed them right by, then take me back there.” The issue also features Molly Spencer, whose collection If the house is forthcoming from University of Wisconsin Press, and Jennifer Wong, the author of Goldfish (Chameleon Press).

Our summer issue includes short stories by John Kinsella, Juan Alvarado Valdivia, and Diana Wagman, among others. Juned Subhan’s “Platinum Snow” opens with Nilima Bradhuri contemplating a box of skin-lightening moisturizer that had failed to change her skin tone. Natalie Storey’s “Uniforms” drops us into the mind of a woman from Montana who sleeps with veterans, explaining “I know I don’t know the world. But the veterans do. Even if they can’t talk about it very well, their bodies have known the world.”

And that's not all! In addition to the goodness described above, you'll also find poems by Jeanine Walker, L.A. Johnson, Rewa Zeinati, Susan Grimm, Hilary Dobel, Madison Jones, Eric Train, Flower Conroy, Margo Berdeshevsky, Robert Franklin, Babette Cieskowski, Jeddie Sophronius, Lisa Mullenneaux, Teresa Dzieglewicz, James Valvis, Michelle Patton, Kevin Phan, Phil Keller, Carl Boon, and Christina Lee; stories by Diana Wagman and Juan Alvarado Valdivia; and reviews from Jennifer Key, Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, and Jennifer Parker.